Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We know, that being a professional football player is very time consuming, and therefore requires accompaniment in various situations in life. With great passion, willingness and joy, but also necessary expertise, we meet these tasks on a daily basis. We make the athlete feel, that he can comfortably and successfully follow his career along our side.

Our main focus is set on training and match analysis as well as video analysis of games and daily market observations. Furthermore, we make a professional network available for our players, consisting of medicine and media, and cultivate contacts to people responsible in industry and economy.

Looking for an employer, accommodation, tax consultant, commercial partner and much more is very time consuming. Time, the professional simply does not have or can’t afford to waste, since concentrating on playing football is far more important.

Our central concern is to let each and every player go to bed absolutely satisfied, no matter which problems might have occurred during the day. We deal with any problem and ideally solve them as quickly as possible.

Whoever chooses to cooperate with us, will receive an extraordinary package including the maximum in service and support from day one. That is what we stand for – that is what we are proud of.

Players are not just continuing numbers for the employees at Goldfootball. There is no difference in status or level of playing – the players are all equal. Right from the start, we emphasise the respectful cooperation with their families, because we care about opinions of their immediate environment. Together as a team, we wish to build up confidence – nothing runs without confidence.

Additionally, we have a huge advantage through our network, which covers the cooperation with clubs as well as with media and potential commercial partners.

Goldfootball counts on a tight and complex network full of partners, friends and consultants.